The detailed technical program can be found on Papercept:

Overview of the program:

Nov. 3, Sunday
17:00-20:00Registration openInntel Hotels Art
18:00-21:00Welcome reception Inntel Hotels Art
Nov. 4, Monday
8:45-9:00WelcomeAudi 4
9:00-10:00Plenary by Carsten W. SchererAudi 4
10:00-10:30Coffee BreakVoorhof
10:30-12:30Session MoA1: LPV System IdentificationAudi 4
14:00-15:00Plenary by John LataireAudi 4
15:00-15:30Coffee BreakVoorhof
15:30-17:10Session MoB1: LPV ControlAudi 4
Nov. 5, Tuesday
9:00-10:00Plenary by Samir BennaniAudi 4
10:00-10:30Coffee BreakVoorhof
10:30-12:30Session TuA1: Emerging Approaches for Audi 4
Nonlinear Parameter Varying Systems
14:00-15:20Session TuB1: Automotive SystemsAudi 4
18:00-20:00Museum tourDAF museum
20:00-23:00BanquetDAF museum
Nov. 6, Wednesday
9:00-10:00Plenary by Herbert WernerAudi 4
10:00-10:30Coffee BreakVoorhof
10:30-12:30Session WeA1: Adaptive and Predictive ControlAudi 4
14:00-15:00Plenary by Alfred C. SchoutenAudi 4
15:00-15:30Coffee BreakVoorhof
15:30-17:10Session WeB1: Aerospace and Mechatronic SystemsAudi 4
17:15-19:00Farewell Reception + Young Author AwardZwarteDoos