Scope of the workshop

The 3rd IFAC Workshop on Linear Parameter-Varying Systems (LPVS’19) will be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November 4-6, 2019.
The workshop aims at attracting researchers interested in the field of Linear Parameter-Varying systems and their applications in engineering problems, as well as experts interested in discussing new trends, exchange new ideas, establish fruitful contacts, and promote interactions among relevant fields of interest. Submissions dealing with the application of LPV modelling and control approaches to emerging applications and industrial contributions are strongly encouraged together with tutorials and software demonstrations.


In the last 2 decades, LPV systems and control has been an active topic of research in the control systems community. Motivated by this fact, the first IFAC LPVS was organized in Grenoble, France (2015). This 2nd edition of the workshop, was organised jointly with the 9th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design (ROCOND’18) in Brazil (2018).


The topics of the workshop will cover the general area for the modelling, analysis, observation and control of LPV systems:

  • Modelling and identification of LPV systems: how to obtain LPV models for nonlinear, switching, time-delay, sampled-data, uncertain, saturating or polynomial systems together with applied machine learning for LPV systems.
  • Analysis with LPV tools: stability and stabilization, robustness issues, geometric approaches, structural analysis.
  • Observation and diagnosis by LPV methods: observer design, fault detection and isolation, predictive maintenance and monitoring.
  • LPV control of systems: H∞/H2 control, optimal control, predictive control, constrained control, fault tolerant control, virtual reference feedback tuning, sampled-data control, event and self- triggered control.
  • Applications of LPV modeling and control: mechatronic, automotive, aerospace, robotics, advanced manufacturing, chemical processes, biological systems, (renewable) energy systems, network systems.